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Stephanie and her grandpa JackStephanie learned to sing from her grandfather, a cowboy troubadour who played a gig on his wedding night to cover the cost of the marriage license.  AsElla Swings Brightly With Nelson Album Cover a young girl Stephanie carried the album Ella Swings Brightly with Nelson around with her everywhere and sang "Mean to Me" as loud as she could. 

While growing up she also took the obligatory piano lessons and has revisited the instrument to accompany her vocal styling and fully realize her unique point-of-voice.Songwriting in the 80's - Midi cables and wild imagination.Drake Hotel Chicago

Stephanie arranges and composes her originals while still never forgetting she earned her chops on the bandstand singing jazz.

Chitown Jazz Fest 2014

Featured at Chicago’s most notable jazz clubs, including Andy’s,The Green Mill, Pete Millers and Pops for Champagne.  Former Artist-in-residence at the world renowned Gold Star Sardine Bar.  HeadlThe world famous Gold Starining performer at the Yellowstone Jazz Festival.  Opening act for John Legend at the Indy Jazz Fest and  part of the New York Cabaret Convention at Jazz at Lincoln CenStephanie Browning @ Andy'ster with Christie Ebersole among others. Toured Sweden, Japan, and the American Rocky Mountains.  Engaged in an extended run at the exclusive Champagne Bar in Hong Kong, and a multi-year steady at For over seven years singing Saturday nights at the PeninsulaThe Peninsula Hotel Chicago, (voted the best hotel in North America). She has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows for performances and Swedish tour with Johan Stengardinterviews in the States and abroad.

“This level of musical imagination, tonal control and interpretive savvy rarely meet in the work of a single artist.”Indy Jazz Fest 2008 with bass player Jason Ellis

- Howard Reich, Arts Critic, The Chicago Tribune


The second appearance at Yellowstone Jazz Festival

Stephanie has long known the emotional power and joyful transcendence that playing and being a part of music can bring and that lead her to volunteer to do a sing-a-long for adults with developmental disabilities. That initial sing-a-long blossomed into Stephanie teaching music to an under-served population of people that greatly appreciate the connection between songs and the human spirit. More fun at Garden Center
Singalong at Garden Center Services 2012

 To help promote the joy that is making music Stephanie spent years developing a teaching method and materials that make music theory and practice open and inviting. People of all ages and abilities can engage at any level and learn to play music together. It is called Sparticles!

Finally, a little bit of trivia for those that have scrolled all this way: In the nineties little kitten Stephanie hung out at the Rainbo Club in Wicker Park drinking and smoking Hav-a-tampa cigars. The latter of which caught the eye of a certain mega Elvis fan that told her those were The King's favorite cigars and he used that as an opening effort to pitch woo. Later that night they went across Damen to his apartment where he played her his favorite records which included The Carpeters and Neil Diamond.  Though he did make her a killer mixMix tape inside tape Mix tape cover the suitor was ultimately frustrated but luckily that energy was channeled into the hit song.. that's right - Stephanie is Sister Havana.



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